misa sme.net

Accounting software for SMEs

Number of clients: 100.000

MISA SME.NET - the accounting software is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. It fully satisfies all demands of business activities such as: Cash Management, Bank Management, Procurement, Sales, Invoice Management, Taxes, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Instruments & Tools, Payroll, Production Cost, Contracts Management, Budgets, and General Ledger

MISA SME.NET is suitable to deploy for all business fields: Commercial, Service, Construction and Manufacture.


All-in-one management system for enterprise

Number of clients: 10.000

AMIS.VN - the All-in-one Management Information System helps you to empower all business management activities: Accounting-Finance, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, Production Management, Task Management, Communications, Knowledge, Innovation, Internal Affairs Management, Tax Declaration, Website…


Especially, AMIS.VN version on mobile is integrated with AI application such as:
CFO features and HR features which allow the CEO to grasp all the finance and human situations of the company with a few simple questions.
In addition, you can use voice recognition to research for phone numbers, names and to text and to call anyone in the company.


AMIS.VN is a web-based software that was designed and developed in the form of cloud computing. You can access anywhere, anytime with any kinds of devices (PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets) via internet

AMIS.VN is suitably deployed with any businesse fields: Commercial, Service, Construction, manufaturing from small-scale to multi-branch businesses


Online tax declaration software

Number of clients: 10.000

MTAX.VN – service software to declare and submit tax form directly to tax department via Internet. By using MISA JSC portal, MTAX allows enterprise to do it quick and secure.

Especially, MTAX.VN is integrated intoMISA SME.NETaccounting andAMIS.VNaccounting. Therefore, the chief accountant can file financial reports and transfer into tax form and send directly to tax department.